Website Design and setup £500
(small to medium size; large site maybe more)
Hosting £1 per day
Website names at £10 per year

Deposit required of £100

Payments can be paid yearly or monthly

If you want a website built without using our hosting service then the price will be higher.

For the setup fee I include content for every page if you provide it or from your business leaflets, flyers, etc.

For ongoing content updates, this is usually done by the site owner or I can do it for £20 per hour.



The Hosting fee is to keep your website on the internet
but we include a lot more than that, such as maintenance and support,
full support day and night as required,
repairs, design changes and updates, etc, if required,
plus unlimited email addresses
Also backups, virus protection, and more



Usually takes days for small sites and weeks for large sites.
Depends on how urgent and how fast you send us all
your business details, photos and other information for the site.

You will have a basic site put online within a day or
two to start with while waiting for your new site to be completed, if that’s ok, or if you prefer, we can work offline until its ready.


Email Mailboxes

1 GB = free      2 GB = £15      4 GB = £21

6 GB = £27       8 GB = £33     10GB = £39



SSL is not necessary ! But we can provide it if you want.

Basic Standard SSL £60 per year or £5 monthly

Advanced SSL options available on request but are expensive

SSL is NOT necessary for most websites but adds a bit more
security and removes the not secure label on google chrome,
so don’t waste your money on SSL.


Social Media Sites setup

£20 per social media site, for basic setup, eg facebook, twitter, etc
I just register an account, add your main basic details and logo, etc
then its up to your to add daily content. Or you can do it yourself if you know how.



I will add your content to your website as it is being built. But I don’t usually do ongoing content additions, updates and edits, unless you want me to for an extra fee of £20 per hour.